Module 1 - Candidate Sourcing: Find Superstar Candidates without LinkedIn (yes really!)

  • Find your ideal candidates more quickly and easily
  • Source exclusive candidates that your clients and competitors don’t have access to
  • Shortcuts to identify pre-qualified candidates who are PERFECT for your opening

Module 2 - Candidate Engagement: The 12-Step Process to Book More Calls with Top Talent

  • Get above the noise and grab the attention of your target candidates
  • Increase response rates to your recruiting emails, voicemails and InMails
  • Leverage automation tools to save time and speed up the placement process

Module 3 - Candidate Recruiting: Convert Passive Talent into Qualified Candidates

  • Secure more interest in your opportunity;
  • Change “I’m happy where I am” into “please put me forward”
  • Convert recruiting calls into Qualified Candidates;
  • ​Generate more sendouts / interviews

Module 4 - Sourcing Without LinkedIn - with Mark Lundgren

  • In this module Mark shares his secrets for Boolean searches outside of LinkedIn, so that you can increase your access to talent, find candidates your competitors can't and fill more jobs.
  • Mark is an international trainer & conference speaker on subjects around Agile Recruitment, Technical Talent Sourcing, Sourcing, Effective use of LinkedIn, Recruitment, Effective Candidate Outreach, Candidate Engagement and Talent Pipelining.
  • He brings over 15 years sourcing experience including having worked as a Senior Recruiter for Amazon and Cisco.

Module 5 - Introduction to Diversity & Sourcing Essentials - with Irina Shamaeva

  • In this module, you'll learn the "essential" sourcing skills, techniques and strategies with an emphasis on applying those skills to the challenges of diversity sourcing.  
  • Irina Shamaeva is a Partner and Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting, blogger at Boolean Strings, creator and moderator of the world’s largest online community of Sourcers, and a world-class trainer providing webinars on Sourcing.
  • Previously Irina was a Software Engineer and Manager at several start-ups and biotech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a Master in Mathematics from Moscow University.

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