More Clients Course


This course is aimed to give you the necessary step-by-step guide on how to improve your approach to business development and the generation of new clients.

It explores the numerous objections we handle when trying to get past the gatekeepers, and the mindset required to do so.

This course also covers the power of questioning and language, including the unforgettable follow up and nurturing process to optimize and breed further client leads.

Module 1 - Sales Motivation - Cold Calling with Confidence: 
  • Module 1 covers mindset and understanding of how to stick to a plan/structure is crucial before diving into this course.
  • Why you would WANT to take this leap in exploring the generation of more clients, what it costs, and what you will GAIN by taking these simplified steps in order to avoid the most common pitfalls and mistakes when it comes to business development.
  • The module will also cover several tips on how to boost your productivity along with solid case studies where these tips have been put into practice and have achieved the desired results and outcome.
Module 2 - Strategic Game Plan - Your Road Map to Bigger Billings:
  • Business development requires more of a strategic game plan than just picking up the phone. 
  • In this module, Mark shares the 6 levels to planning a day plan effectively and how essential this is. 
  • Mark demonstrates how to accurately assess your activity levels and also determine what your income goals are through the creation of a money map.
Module 3 - Unlimited Leads - How to Generate More Leads, Quickly and Easily:
  • This module covers how to really dig deep into your target market niche, and the understanding of your niche through populating your database and creating your Dream 100. 
  • Mark will also go through the various different avenues that there are to generate leads through referrals, networking events, and being in tune with industry trends and news.
Module 4 - Getting Past Gatekeepers - How to Reach More Decision Makers:
  • Success is 80% mindset, and this is what this module conveys. We were all trained from the ‘get-go’ on the most effective ways to get past the gatekeepers, however it’s time to revisit this. 
  • In this module, we discuss your target, the “Thank you” technique, what NOT to say to gatekeepers, and the general “rules of the game” when it comes to getting past gatekeepers. 
Module 5 - Irresistible Call Openings - How to Engage Your Prospects in 60 Seconds or Less:
  • We all know the window we have to capture a prospective client’s attention is 60 seconds or less. 
  • The module explores this in more detail by demonstrating some of the most irresistible call openings/opening statement formulas and structures which will help your listener (prospective client) to be engaged, stay on the phone and ultimately be hooked to continue the conversation with you.
Module 6 - Black Belt Objection Handling - Self Defence for Recruiters:
  • In this module we cover as many of the most common (and more obscure) objections such as “we have a PSL” which we are faced with when it comes to business development. 
  • The Iceberg analogy and the Value Equation are incredibly relevant in this module, as it will demonstrate a deeper understanding of the mindset of your prospective clients.
Module 7 - Magic Bullet Sales Questions - How to Win More Clients by Asking Better Questions:
  • This module explores the power and absolute importance of questions. Open questions, closed questions, fact-finding questions, this module breaks these wide open and discusses the impact of how certain questions are posed and received. 
Module 8 - Unforgettable Follow-Up - Turn MORE Prospects into Paying Clients: 
  • In this module, we discuss perseverance, consistently, and most importantly the follow-up. 
  • ​Mark discusses the three types of lead nurture and how effective they are. 
  • ​Also, how to assess what part of your market is ready to ‘buy’ now, and being aware of your market as a whole, ultimately turning more prospects into paying clients.

This course is included as part of our Inner Circle membership groups. To find out more please book in a free 30 minute strategy session with either Mark Whitby or Leanne Jones Hunt:

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