How To Create A Podcast Specifically For Recruiters

How To Create A Podcast Specifically For Recruiters

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This course gives a great deal of insight on where to start when launching a new podcast, or enhancing the process and efficiency of an existing podcast series.

The workflows, templates and checklists for planning, producing, promoting your podcast show are covered in this course.

You will be hearing first hand from those recruitment business owners who already have a podcast show and the obstacles they have faced and overcome along the way.

Module 1 - Planning Your Podcast:
  • The benefits of launching a podcast and gives you some fantastic recommendations when it comes to planning and your planning checklist
  • ​Plethora of suggested services, platforms and tools to help with measuring the success of your podcast (metric analysis)
  • ​How are you going to record your podcast? This module has you covered by highlighting some of the recommendations of certain platforms
  • ​Who is your target audience? What is your overall theme? These are the questions that are asked in this module 
Module 2 - Producing Your Podcast:
  • The steps/checklist for interviewing and production of the podcast
  • Tracking sheet for potential guests - how to approach potential guests through certain email campaigns
  • Pre-interview checklist - save your time
  • ​What to outsource in the production of a podcast episode/recommendation of tools and resources
Module 3 - Promoting Your Podcast:
  • The steps on how to grow your audience through promotion on various platforms
  • Generating Inbound Leads (Opt-in forms, one post per episode, SEO/Google Analytics)
  • What to send to guest the day after publication (email template)
  • Being a guest on another person's podcast
Module 4 - Expert Panel Discussion Q&A:
  • In this session we have Gordon Rennie and Lauren Steibing who have successful podcasts. They share their biggest challenges when first launching their podcast series and the things they have learned along the way
  • How to choose your topics?
  • How long should your podcast episode be?
  • What equipment should you use?
Bonus Module - The 5 Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make - With Carey Green
Dynamically Updated

This course is included as part of our Inner Circle membership groups. To find out more please book in a free 30 minute strategy session with either Mark Whitby or Leanne Jones Hunt:

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