Secrets of Selling Retained Assignments


This course is Retained Selling 101, and it also dives deeper into the intricate details/important factors to consider when making the transition from a contingent model to a retained model.  

If you are already operating within a retained model, this course gives you a refresher to understand that you are facilitating your retained partnerships in the best way possible, with modules to help improve upon your retained relationships.

The course covers the power of a winning proposal and the framework/structure on how to write a proposal, along with ideas on how to best position yourself and your service level offering to achieve the desired outcome/partnership with your clients.
Module 1- Introduction to Retained Search: 
  • This module gives a really clear introduction of what is covered in the course. 
  • It lays out the foundations, the mindset required, the reasons why you would consider transitioning from a contingent model to a retained model, and the features of retained search. Mark asks the important question, are you actually ‘Retainer Ready?’, and the ‘ladder of commitment’ that is required before embarking on the journey of operating in a retained way.
  • The module also covers the discussion surrounding what you should charge and when you should charge a client. Including what a fee structure looks like.
Module 2 - The Consultative Sales Process:
  • In this module we discuss the best way to position yourself as a retained recruiter where you convey absolute credibility and reassurance for your prospective clients. 
  • The power of questioning and understanding/magnifying their pain points, as well as ensuring the client is also emphasising the benefits of hiring through asking particular questions. 
  • This module will also cover the pitching of a solution, and talking about the benefits through value questions.
Module 3 – Presenting Your Retained Solution:
  • In this module we cover the downsides of the contingent model, and explore several tips on how to pitch/propose your exclusive offering to a prospective client from a retained perspective.
  • Your service level offering is key, and members share their own experiences and scenarios when pitching previously to their clients. 
  • The module also addresses the ‘WHY?’ and why clients would pay a retainer, the benefits to the client, and the golden rules of selling retained.
Module 4 – Closing & Objection Handling: 
  • This module covers the questions and stance to take when closing a retained search assignment. 
  • If you have followed the steps from modules 1-3 correctly, by the time you arrive at closing the sale, it should run smoothly. 
  • Members also share in this session their experiences on closing clients. Too.
Module 5 - Proposal, Fee Agreement & Delivery:
  • In this module we discuss the importance of having a winning retained search proposal. Mark provides the framework on how to write a winning proposal, breaking down each of the elements that should be included. 
  • The group touches on video testimonials being used effectively within a proposal and they also explore the three pronged argument when it comes to perhaps not being able to fulfil a client’s requirements for a retained search.

This course is included as part of our Inner Circle membership groups. To find out more please book in a free 30 minute strategy session with either Mark Whitby or Leanne Jones Hunt:

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